"I've used your Potatoes  drANNAn Recipe countless times."


             FROZEN  8 OUNCE NY STRIP STEAKS                                                     BROILED 7 MINUTES ON EACH SIDE                                                PERFECTLY BROILED MEDIUM RARE!

My take on Pommes ANNA
Potatoes drANNAn

"Love my new EZ-Clean stainless broiler pan-made a great cook out of me!”

"I can't believe it. The best results I've ever had, and I'm a darned good cook.
I don't know how I've lived this long without this pan.  Not a word of hype or exaggeration. I've never seen anything  to beat this."  Mrs. O'Brien, Boca Raton, Florida.

Scientist Lee Drannan Smithson and His Roasted Chicken   Cooked on His WaterBroiler-WaterRoaster Pan.

I've changed the recipe to be healthier by using extra virgin olive oil instead of butter.  I couldn't resist naming them after myself.  

Eight Lamb Chops Broiled with No Smoke.

Prime Rib Roasted with No Smoke.

The Forkula Tongs allow you to  instantly turn
food  on  WaterBroiler Pan. The Forkula is also
A Great 
BBQ  Tool.  I'm turn a hamburger on  a
Weber Grill below with the Forkula  Tongs.

 You Have Just Found
"The Absolute Best Broiler Pan"

"1000 times better than the broiler pan that came free with my oven."

"Tomorrow I throw out the old broiler pan."

"The Best Roasting Pan You Will Ever Buy."

At Last, A LOVABLE Broiler-Roaster Pan!

The Houston Chronicle says
"Inventive pan eases cleanup
It minimizes smoke, splatters, and scrubbing"


 After reading the above article, over 1000 Texans ordered 
The Drannan WaterBroiler®-WaterRoaster™ Pan.

"I've waited all my life for a pan like this."

"My husband says we may never use a skillet again!"

"My husband LOVES your WaterBroiler Pan so much,
he now refuses to grill outdoors." 

"I LOVE this pan.  Retired chef who hates doing dishes."

"Great product.  What a relief it is to junk my old broiler pan!"

The WaterBroiler Pan "works wonderfully, not only for broililng
but for a variety of things."  Chef Pierre Franey, The New York Times 

"Dayton inventor's WaterBroiler and Forkula
make life easier 
for home cooks. 
Lee Drannan Smithson calls himself a scientist.  An inventor.  Occasional Caterer.
Add to that minamalist and iconoclast -- for in his kitchen, the former chemist smashes
 some of the prevailing wisdom of home cooks."  Ann Heller, Dayton Daily News

Daily News  

              FROZEN 8 OUNCE NY STRIP STEAKS                                             BROILED 7 MINUTES ON EACH SIDE                                                      PERFECTLY BROILED MEDIUM RARE

Some of the Recipes in the Booklet

Best Hamburgers in the World.
Steaks.  Prime Rib.  Beef Tenderloin.
Roast Chicken, Duck, Cornish Hens.

Lamb Chops.  Pork Loin.  Salmon.
Baked Half-a-Ham.  Garlic Shrimp.

Roasted Potatoes, Onions, Carrots, Garlic, Squash, Turnips,  Eggplant, Fennel, Peppers, Tomatoes.

Broiled Bananas and Pineapple. 

Several Original Recipes
That don't use the WaterBroiler Pan.
Tortilla Soup.  Dulce de Leche Ice Cream. Bread Pudding made with Microwave Baked Bread!  Soused Apple Cake, the Groom's Cake at Weddings I catered

Everything About The Common Broiler Pan Is Wrong.

The Rack is Wrong.  The Metal is Wrong.
The Shape is Wrong.   The Size is Wrong.

Here's How I Made that Shocking Cooking Discovery in 1967.

As a scientist, my analytical chemistry research revealed that 
carcinogenic compounds
are often formed when organic materials are burned or heated to a high temperature!

I became concerned that smoke from burned grilling drippings could be carcinogenic.
Besides breathing the harmful smoke, the smoke  adulturates grilled food with 
potential cancer causing chemicals.  I quit grilling in 1967.  I warned anyone who would
 listen to "Stop Grilling."  The National Cancer Institute finally issued a Warning in 1996!

I started To Broil, but that was a hateful mess.  I hated scrubbing that old broiler pan that
came free with  my oven so much, I decided to see if the broiler pan could be improved.

 Since the 1st Rule of The Scientific Method is OBSERVATION,
I observed hamburgers as they broiled on that hateful broiler pan above.
That simple experiment opened my eyes to The Hidden Broiling Problem.

Here's What I Saw...And What I Did NOT See. 

Virtually NONE of the Smoke, Splatter, and Flare-ups
Came Directly from the Hamburgers!

The Hamburgers, per se,  were Totally Innocent.  I Was Flabbergasted!

I could barely restrain myself from Shouting..."Eureka!!" 

Virtually ALL the Smoke, Splatter, and Flare-ups Came From Drippings that
Puddled and Burned On that Foolish Perforated Sheet Metal Rack that has
 been the ill-conceived 'standard' on common broiler pans for over 100 years. 

Common Roasting Pans are also ill-Conceived.  
They are improperly 
fabricated of  "good" heat conducting metals like
aluminum, dark  
colored porcelain steel, or clad metals which are Not Good.

Those Metals Quickly get HOT and Burn the
Drippings into Impossible to Scrub-off Black Char.

ALL Broiling and Roasting Problems
Are Caused By Drippings that Touch Hot Metal. 

Think about it, and You will come to the same conclusion I came to 50 years ago:

Broiling Pans and Roasting Pans do NOT need to get HOT to Cook Perfectly!
The Cooler those Pans Stay, the Better. The Cooler the Drippings Stay, the Better.

The Eye-Opening Revelation That Common Broiler-Roaster Pans
Cause ALL Broiling and Roasting Problems, Led to my Invention of
The World's First* Smoke-Free, Splatter-Free,
Flame-Free, Scrub-Free Broiler-Roaster Pan.

* I invented The WaterBroiler-WaterRoaster Pan in 1967.  I started producing and
Selling it to Grateful Cooks  
in my first ad in Gourmet Magazine, October, 1975.

Barbara Flanagan wrote in Flanagan's Smart Home

The 98 Essentials for Starting Out, Starting Over, Scaling Back

"The broiling pan of the future is here,

its design informed by Lee Drannan Smithson's conviction:

The broiling process is not inherently brutal, but is,
in fact, a peaceful cooking technique made 
violent and disgusting by "ill-conceived" pans.

In 1975, a new kind of broiler pan was quietly launched by
Lee Drannan Smithson, a chemist now living in Dayton, Ohio.

He trademarked his invention, a deceptively simple device, as
The WaterBroiler®-WaterRoaster™ and has been selling it to
consumers, one by one, 
via direct mail and website ever since.

Its simplicity only dramatizes its success, which comes
from not doing what other pans have done.

After a pan full of burgers or chicken legs has been broiling
for a while, the first surprise is silence.  No splashing,
no burbling, no sizzling, no screeching of the smoke alarm. 

When the meat is done, it tastes the way it looks,
like ad copy always says: moist on the inside, crisp
on the outside.  Afterwards, the pan needs no scouring, 

just a trip through the dishwasher's regular cycle. 

That his innovation has not become a mainstream commercial
product, ubiquitous as the colander, explains a lot about design.

Unless the product can sell itself, by looking like what it's
supposed to look like, it can't compete in the big marketplace.
A product that needs explaining, like his, is a hard sell.

And that's part of its charm. It reminds you that the big companies
don't have all the answers after all. The inventor/entrepreneur
is still alive and well, cooking silent burgers in Ohio."

The  Drannan 100% 18/8 Stainless Steel
WaterBroiler®-WaterRoaster™ Pan and Forkula® Tongs Set
Registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

The One Year 100% Moneyback Guarantee Says You Will Love This Pan.
The Innovative Forkula Tongs Will Allow You to Instantly Turn Food On
 The WaterBroiler Pan While The Pan is Still Under Your  Oven Broiler!

 You Can Now Go Back to Broiling Hamburgers,
 Steaks, Lamb Chops, and Salmon

 And, You Can Now Enjoy Roasting  A Chicken,
 An 11 Pound Turkey, A Rib Roast, A Beef Tenderloin,
 A Pork Loin,  A Leg of Lamb, or Bake Half-a-Ham

With No More Smoke in Your Kitchen.
No More Oven Splatters. No More Flare-ups.
No More Scrubbing Ever Again.

RGTemp posted the following Testimonial:


"What a wonderful invention!

I never used my broiler because I hated the smoke,
flare-ups, and worst of all...cleaning the pan afterwards!

Now that I have a WaterBroiler, I use my broiler all the time!
No smoke, no flare-ups, and clean-up is too easy!

Your broiler is one of the best tools you have to cook, but
most of us never use it! With this pan you will use it a lot!

I LOVE this pan! Awesome results with the easiest clean-up ever!

Lobster tails to die for, with zero mess! I have purchased 3 of these
awesome pans, and I plan to buy more as they make wonderful gifts.

My hats off to Mr. Smithson and The Drannan WaterBroiler!"


"Wow.  We're Speechless.  We LOVE the pan.  You are a Genius!"

"If there were a Nobel Prize for cookware design, you'd get my vote." 

By Lee Drannan Smithson
Before I Begin to Convince You that My Simple-Looking
 WaterBroiler®-WaterRoaster™ Pan Invention will
Instantly Solve ALL Your Broiling and Roasting Problems,

You Need to Know The Elusive  Cause of Those Problems.

The Common Broiler Pan IS THE BROILING CULPRIT...Not Broiling!

The Common Roasting Pan IS THE ROASTING CULPRIT...Not Roasting! 

"I LOVE the WaterBroiler Pan.  It made a great cook out of me."

"I can't believe it.  The best results I've ever had, and I'm a darned
 good cook. I don't know how I've lived this long without this pan.
Not a word of hype or exaggeration.  I've never seen anything
to beat this."   Mrs. O'Brien, Boca Raton, Florida. 

"I LOVE this pan.  Awesome Results with the easiest clean-up ever."
"Got it.  Used it.  Cleaned it.  Loved it.  Worth every penny."

"Fantastic product.  Cooked the best hamburgers ever."

"I cooked four Cornish game hens for Christmas.
We've never tasted juicier poultry."

"My wife's favorite pan."  Larry F. Byard, www.duxcw.com

"Cooked the best roast chicken we have ever eaten."

"For the tired husband who is forced to do the pots and pans,
it's the greatest 
invention since the wheel.  I cheer you every time
I do the pots and pans." 
Robert L. Hays, Cleveland, Ohio

"Why doesn't the whole world know about this pan?"

Click on the Next  Video For The Eye-Opening Proof that
You Can Broil Hamburgers on the WaterBroiler Pan with
No More Smoke!   No More Splatter!   No More Flare-ups!

Not Seeing is Believing.

Every Frame of the Fifteen Minute Video is
Shown, But the Video is shown at a Higher Speed
So you can See The Proof in the Two Minute video.

Watch the video to the end to see how easy it is to turn
the hamburgers with the Forkula® Tongs Invention
While The Pan is Still Under the Oven Broiler!

Here's How To Easily Use and Easily Clean 
The WaterBroiler®-WaterRoaster™ Pan.

It Couldn't be Easier!  It Couldn't be Cleaner!  It Could't be Simpler!

Use The Pan Under Your Oven Broiler When
Broiling and In Your 350° Oven When Roasting.

The Pan is NOT designed for stove-top use.

(1) Pour 1½ Cups of COLD Water into The Pan Before
 Broiling and Roasting. That's about 1/4 inch of COLD Water.

(2) Place the Rack on TOP of the Pan.  Place Food on
Top of The Rack.  
Never Cover the Food with Anything.

(3) Broil UNDER Your Oven Broiler or Roast IN
Your 350° Oven, 
The Ideal Roasting Temperature!

The Insightful Design of The Pan And Rack are The Two Main Secrets.
Pouring Cold Water into the drip Pan before Broiling and Roasting
Has Such Profound Cleaning And Taste Benefits, 
The Pan is Registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office as

The WaterBroiler®-WaterRoaster™ Pan.

Fear not. The water will NOT steam the food in this
'poor heat conducting' 18/8 Stainless Steel Pan.
It takes 2 hours in a 350° Oven for the water to boil. 

The water evaporates just enough to add a very beneficial
amount of moisture to the oven to keep food juicy and succulent.

Hand Basting is Now a Thing of the  Ancient Past!

The water cools the drippings and prevents the drippings
from sticking which makes the drip pan super easy to clean.

The Mirror-Polished 18/8 Stainless Steel Drip Pan
And  the Rare 18/8 Stainless Steel Wire Rack Are Easily
Cleaned in a Minute with a Dishbrush or Dishcloth.


The Pan and Rack Also Clean Beautifully In Your Dishwasher!

Don't think that you can pour water into your
old broiler pan and accomplish the same thing.

No, You Can't Accomplish the Same Thing.

Yes, water will make your old drip pan easier to clean,
but, water in common broiler pans will NOT prevent
Broiling Smoke, Splatter, Flare-ups, and Scrubbing
That Come From Hot Drippings that Puddle, Flare-up,
And Burn on Perforated Sheet Metal Racks
With Sparsely Spaced, 
Ineffective Drip Holes or Slots.

"Works just as described.  My husband LOVES the WaterBroiler Pan.

 Easy to Clean.  Steaks were Great."

"No broiler smoke in the kitchen again last night.

My wife, who was skeptical of my purchase, says
'This pan is just Great! One of our best kitchen purchases.'

Thought I’d add my name to those who appreciate
The Best Broiler Pan On the Planet.
  Each time we use it we smile.”  

Bryan D***, Lake Oswego, Oregon

The WaterBroiler Pan and Rack and the Forkula Tongs Clean Beautifully in Your Dishwasher, too.

            FROZEN NY STRIP STEAKS                           BROILED 7 MINUTES  ON ONE SIDE                7 MORE MINUTES, MEDIUM RARE

Here's How I Invented  My Simple-Looking Pan to Be
Smoke-Free, Splatter-Free, Flame-Free, and Scrub-Free.

Everything about the Design of my Pan Has
A Scientific Reason for Being Which Makes it Work Wonderfully
And Totally Unlike Any Other Broiler-Roaster Pan.
The Rack is Right.  The Metal is Right.  The Shape is Right.  The Size is Right.

The Handles are Right.  Most Broiler Pans don't even have handles!

The 18/8 Stainless Steel Wire Rack is Right

The perforated sheet metal rack on Common Broiler Pans is
The Main Broiling Culprit.
Only a small fraction of drippings can drip through those sparsely
spaced small holes or slots.  It was a hellish  design  from the Git-Go.
Most of the drippings  puddle on those sheet metal racks to get
Hot and Smoke, Splatter, Flare-up, and Burn into Tenacious Black Char.

The  WaterBroiler 18/8 Stainless Steel Wire Rack allows virtually ALL
the drippings to Instantly Drop through the rack into the drip  (Drop) Pan.

Pour a cup and a half of COLD water into the drip pan prior to Broiling
and Roasting to catch and cool the drippings.  The water prevents
the drippings from sticking and makes cleaning of the pan a breeze.

The water slightly evaporates just enough to add a very beneficial
amount of moisture to the oven to keep food juicy and succulent.

Hand Basting when Roasting is Now a Thing of the Ancient Past!

Absolutely no smoke, no splatter, and no flare-ups come from this rack.

 The 18/8 Stainless Steel Metal is Right.

Both The drip Pan AND The Wire Rack are made of 100%
18/8 Stainless Steel for 
More than Beauty and Endurance. 

18/8 Stainless Steel is a poor heat conductor,  the perfect metal for a
broiler-roaster pan that does NOT need to get HOT to cook perfectly.

Of course, the pan gets hot, but not as hot as quickly as broiler-roaster pans
 made of good heat conducting aluminum, black porcelain steel, or clad metals.

Buyer Beware when Buying 'Stainless Steel' Cookware!
Did you know?  There are Over 100 Types of

'Stainless Steel' based on Chemical Composition!

By definition, "Stainless Steel" is any iron based alloy that contains
at least 11% Chromium.  Stainless Steel that meets that minimum
definition is NOT good for Cookware. It is reactive to acidic food.

18/8 Stainless Steel contains at least 18% Chromium and 8% Nickel.
18/10 Stainless Steel contains at least 18% Chromium and at 10%  Nickel.
These two types of Stainless Steel are The Best for Cookware!
The small 2%  difference in Nickel makes no practical dfference.

The High Chromium and Nickel content of 18/8 and 18/10 Stainless Steel
makes the metals impervious to acidic foods, more durable, and
polishable to a very smooth, mirror finish for easy cleaning.

Here's a Way to Test Your 'Stainless Steel' Products:

A magnet will STICK to cheap stainless steel that contains No nickel.
A magnet  will NOT STICK to expensive 18/8 or 18/10 Stainless Steel.

The Round Pan is Right

Unlike rectangular pans that are too big and impossible to clean,
This Round Pan is Thoughtfully Designed 
To Fit IN Divided Sinks. 
To Fit IN Dishracks. To Fit IN Dishwashers.

And, To Hang Beautifully on your Potrack for Daily Access

"Used 11 times the first week! Helps my diet."

The Size is Right 

Unlike typical broiler-roaster pans, the 12 Inch Diameter Round
Pan (not including handles) is the perfect size for most households.

It holds 6 small Hamburgers, 4 NY Strip Steaks, A Rib-Roast for 8,
An 11 Pound Turkey, or a Pork Crown Roast with 14 Chops..

It's so easy to Use and Clean, it's also  perfect for Singles and Couples.

 The Handles are Right

The Easy-to-Grip Handles are Welded to
The WaterBroiler-WaterRoaster Pan Where They Belong.

Most broiler pans don't even have handles!
Some foolish broiler pans have handles on the rack! 

Most roasting pans are carelessly designed with no-handles or dropped
handles which are difficult to lift-up 
without burning your fingers. 

"The ease of cleaning is wonderful, and I enjoy not having grease splattered all over the broiling area. The Forkula Tongs are also excellent." Dr. Paul Gorsuch, M.D.,Texas

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Start Broiling and Roasting on My Pan, and
I will Gain a Grateful Friend for Life, and You will Gain
A Lifetime of  Healthy, Trouble-Free Broiling and Roasting.

Sapere posted this review on Cooks Illustrated Bulletin Board:

"I bought Drannan's WaterBroiler, guessing that the Pan would not
be as ideal as it claims, but still better than the usual broiler pans. 

In other words, I thought it was too good to be true, but since he
promised a money-back guarantee, it was a low-risk experiment.

It turned out that the pan delivered everything it claimed.
I used to avoid broiling due to the mess and smoke. 

Now I broil almost every day. It may sound sappy but this pan
has really changed the way I cook. And no, I am not a paid
spokesperson for the product...just a converted skeptic."

The WaterBroiler-WaterRoaster Pan and Forkula Tongs Set is
The Perfect Gift for Newly Weds.  For Birthdays.  For Christmas.

For Empty Nesters.  For Singles.  For Apartment Dwellers.
For Older Parents who Need an Easier, Healthier Way to Cook.
For Business Clients.  For Employees.  For Your Grown Children.
"It is much more appreciated than a pretty, but not useful gift." 

My best customer is a Federal Judge who has ordered over
50 WaterBroiler Pan/Forkula Tongs Sets over the past
25 years to give to his law-clerks, family, and friends.

When he phones  to order "10 More," he shares the latest
Thank You Notes He Received Praising His Wonderful Gift.

The Set is mailed in a Plain Corrugated Brown Box that
you can either mail or easily Gift Wrap for hand delivery.

We can also mail the gifts for you, saving you a trip to the post office

at no additional cost to you . We'll pay the postage.

Just tell us what to write on the gift card we will supply 
and how you want us to "sign" it for you. 

Christmas is less than two months away. So don't wait long.
If you want to get your Christmas shopping done early,
You can buy the WaterBroiler Pan/Forkula Tongs Sets Now and
we can delay shipping, if you wish, until  December 17th to allow your
gift to be delivered by December 21st, just in time for Christmas!

 Let us know when you order if you want us to delay shipping.  

The WaterBroiler/Forkula Tongs SET with
Free Recipe Booklet is $75.00 with FREE SHIPPING
To All 50 States and U.S. Territories

Postage from Dayton Ohio to Canada

Costs $25.00 By International First Class Mail.

Canadians will be invoiced for the $25 Postage Charge
through PayPal after paying $75.00 for the Set.

Email Us for the Shipping Cost to Other Countries.

NOTE: Because my pan requires a ton of explanation to
PROVE that it works exactly as promised,
Drannan Cookware is The Sole Source for My Pan.

It is NOT available anywhere else. 

Here's How to Order.

Orders are Safely and Securely Processed by PayPal
With an Existing PayPal Account  OR With Any
Credit or Debit Card Without Creating a PayPal Account.

PayPal will instantly notify you by email after you pay.  

PayPal emails us your order with proof of payment.

Drannan Cookware Never Sees Your Credit Card Information.

Purchases Processed by PayPal with your credit or debit card
will appear on your credit card statement as
"PayPal-Drannan Cookware."


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Believe it or not, You Can Now Broil
The Best Tasting Steaks and Hamburgers

Frozen Steaks take a few extra minutes to Broil to a Crispy Exterior
While the Frozen Center Cooks Perfectly...Medium Rare.

My two favorite steaks are a 1" thick marbled Rib-Eye or
a 1" thick New York Strip (aka Boneless Top Loin).

Broil about seven minutes until crispy brown.
Turn and continue broiling for seven more minutes.
The 1/2 Inch Center of  1" Steaks Cook Perfectly...Medium Rare.

Once you eat a steak broiled from The Frozen State,
You will Freeze All Your Steaks Before Broiling.

Hamburgers can be broiled from the Frozen State for
Convenience, but be 
sure and cook them well-done.
It is NOT Safe 
to eat rare or medium rare hamburgers!

And, Imagine The Ease and Convenience.

When you're pressed for time, or you're too tired to cook,
pull frozen steaks or hamburgers out of your freezer and
Broil them while you're 
microwaving the vegetables and
potatoes or 
making a salad and setting the table.

You will be sitting down to a delicious, trouble-free meal in
less than 30 minutes w
ith less effort than it would take to
get ready to go out to eat and for a fraction of the cost.

You Can Buy the WaterBroiler Pan/Forkula Tongs Set
And a Lifetime of Broiling and Roasting Pleasure for
  About the Cost of One Steak Dinner in a Fine Restaurant.

"Perfect! Used for 1st time, Clean up a breeze.
Should have bought sooner!"

"The WaterBroiler is fantastic! I am so glad I bought it."

"Excellent time saving, taste enhancing product at excellent price!"
"Way better than that huge thing that came free with my stove!  Love it."

"Unbelievable product, better than advertised."

"The WaterBroiler Pan is Fantastic.  A Must Have Item."

"Why are you keeping this wonderful product such a secret?


My Pan Looks So Simple, it Invites Skepticism,
Particularly Since All My Claims Sound Too Good To Be True!
To Prove ALL my Claims are True, it Takes a Lot of Explanation and Proof.

Many cooks have written that my easy, delicious recipes are worth the price of the Pan! I hope you write, too.  It will make my day!

A Free Recipe Booklet Will Be Included With
Your WaterBroiler-WaterRoaster Pan.

The Recipes are Simple to Make and Delicious to eat.
 Your Prep Time in Most Cases is a Few Seconds...
Just Unwrap the Meat and Put it on the Pan! 

Based upon over 1000
Unpaid Testimonials From Delighted Cooks,

A Few Chefs, and A Few Enlightened Food Authorities,  
My WaterBroiler®-WaterRoaster™ Pan
May Be The Most Highly Praised, The Most Lovable,
The Most Trouble-Free Cooking Pan Ever Created.

 I have never paid for an endorsement. I didn't need to.

It would be against my scruples to ever pay for a testimonial.

The buyers I have quoted with names have given me permission 
to use their names and quotes without any compensation.

One delighted customer wrote,
"Mr. Lee Smithson, I LOVE You.  Need say no more."

You Owe it to Yourself to Test
 The WaterBroiler-WaterRoaster Pan in Your Kitchen
 Since You Can Do So Without Risking One Cent.


And, If You Don't Stay in Love with The Pan, 
Return it,  And I'll even Pay the Return Postage.

There is Only One Condition.

The Pan MUST be Returned in USED Condition!

Because...After You've Used The Pan.  Tasted the food
Cooked on The Pan.  And Cleaned The Pan in a Minute. 
I know you won't Give Up The Pan for Anything.

Click the BUY NOW Button below to Order
The WaterBroiler Pan/Forkula Tongs Set 
With Free Recipe Booklet For

$75.00 with Free Shipping to
All 50 States and U.S. Territories.

After Clicking BUY NOW, you will be taken to a page titled,

"Purchase details" which shows the WaterBroiler/Forkula Set for
You can increase the Quantity of Sets you want to buy.

Click Continue and you will go to  a page titled,
"Pay with PayPal."  To pay with a PayPal Account,
provide your email address and click Next.

 Important:  To Pay With a Debit or Credit Card,
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Scroll down an inch and Click "Pay with Debit or Credit Card."
You will be taken to a page titled "PayPal Guest Check Out" where you
can enter all pertinent ordering and debit or credit card information.

PayPal Processes Your Payment for Drannan Cookware.
You Do Not Have to Create a PayPal Account
To Pay with a Debit or Credit Card. 

You can also mail us a check or money order.

If you prefer to order by phone, we can take your order and then we will have
PayPal send your an invoice which you can pay with a credit or debit card.

Toll Free at 1-800-227-7066 

Drannan Cookware
136 S. Dutoit Street
Dayton OH 45402

Email address:  drannan@prodigy.net

Email us for shipping costs to other countries.

Ohio residents ONLY will be charged 7.25% sales tax.

For decades, my pans, racks, and tongs were proudly made in
Ohio and Indiana.  Unfortunately, the cost of making them here

increased to more than my selling price a few years ago.

To keep selling them at an affordable price, they are now made
exclusivey for Drannan Cookware in India. They are still made of

expensive 18/8 Stainless Steel polished to a mirror finish.

© 1975-2018 Copyrighted by Lee Drannan Smithson, Drannan Cookware.
All rights reserved.

Just in case I haven't convinced you yet to order, would you do me
a favor and email me or phone me Toll Free at 1-800-227-7066
to tell me why you didn't take me up on my

One Year MoneyBack Guarantee
to test the pan in your own kitchen without risking one cent.

I would very much appreciate the feedback.

And, if you have any questions, please feel free to phone me
Toll Free at 1-800-227-7066