I have thousands of satisfied customers.
In fact, more than a 1000 customers have written to thank me for inventing my revolutionary WaterBroiler-WaterRoaster
Pan and Forkula tongs.

Here are examples of what others say about my WaterBroiler-WaterRoaster
Pan and Forkula Tongs. I did not pay a cent or give any compensation for
their endorsements.  (Buyer beware of PAID celebrity endorsements.)

"For the tired husband who's forced to do the pots and pans, it's the
greatest invention since the wheel. It’s amazing what a great job it does,
and how very easy it is to clean. I cheer you every time I do the pots and
pans."  Robert L. Hays, Ohio

"It is a joy to broil without smoking up the kitchen or having to clean the
oven.  Never again will I use my old oven broiler pan."
Adelaide Hauser, Virginia

"Thank you for coming up with this new idea. It looks lovely, washes so
 easily and no longer do I splatter my oven. I am DELIGHTED with it."
Patricia Nugent, Illinois"

You have an extraordinary product. I cooked four Cornish Game Hens on
the WaterBroiler. I’ve never tasted juicier poultry." Mrs. Purmont, Mass.

"I use the WaterGrill (WaterBroiler) a minimum of once a day. I know
that I will not only enjoy the food, but I will have no smoke in my kitchen,
no grease in my oven and no more difficulty in cleaning it than I would
have in washing a plate.  Ethel Seaman, New York

"The WaterBroiler is a very wonderful gift I received from a patient last
Christmas. Often, when I come home late in the evening from surgery and
hospital rounds, in fact, on most days, I use this WaterBroiler of yours.
The ease of cleaning is wonderful, and I enjoy not having grease splattered
all over the broiling area. Being a surgeon I appreciate the fine workman-
ship. The Forkula Tongs are also excellent." Paul Gorsuch, M.D.,Texas

"Recently I received the WaterBroiler ordered from you. I’ve already
used it several times and have found its performance to be better than
advertised. Because I have enjoyed using this item, I would like to order
two more—one for our other home in Wisconsin and one for our daughter."
Patricia Willer, Illinois

"Best thing in my kitchen." Liz Oberzeir, California

"Absolutely the best broiler pan ever created."

"It is the best roasting pan you will ever buy."

"Cooked the best hamburgers ever."

“Juiciest roasted chicken I’ve ever tasted.”

"My husband loves your WaterBroiler Pan so much,
he now refuses to grill outdoors."  Houston Tx customer

"Broiler pan is fantastic, excellent quality, great value, a must have item"

"Thank you for making my life easier! Fast ship, recommend AA++"

"Our salmon on the WaterBroiler was more moist and tastier than ever!”

"The WaterBroiler is a fantastic product, Cooked the best hamburgers ever."

"Way better than that huge thing that came with my stove! Love it."

"WaterBroiler/Roaster makes Great tasting food! Fast clean-up!"


"Great seller, and great item! WaterBroiler really DOES clean up easy."

"I LOVE this pan."  Retired chef who hates doing dishes."

"WOW!! We're speechless. We LOVE the pan - you are a genius!"

"Absolutely magnificent. Product, service, communication all great. Cooks gr8 too."

"Thanks so much!! Love it!"


"Got it. Used it. Cleaned it. Loved it.  Worth every penny." 
"It is no more trouble to clean than a dinner plate!"
"The most amazing cooking device since the stove was invented."

"Shipped my WaterBroiler and Forkulas FAST!!! They're great...thanks!"

"The Forkula is a way-cool invention. Thanks for the WONDER-FULL
WaterBroiler! As advertised--easy cleanup. LOVE IT!"

" I love this pan!!! Thanks, from a retired chef who hates doing dishes."

"Broiler pan is fantastic, excellent quality, great value, a must have item"

"Wonderful find! This beats all! Try it, you'll LOVE IT! Great Seller!!!!!”

"Works just as described. My Husband loves it. Easy to clean.
Steaks were great"


"Love the pan! It is truly smokeless!!"

"The WaterBroiler is fantastic! I am so glad I bought it. Thanks."

"The Forkula is a way-cool invention. Check out the WaterBroiler, too."

"Thanks for the WONDER-FULL WaterBroiler! Easy cleanup. LOVE IT!"

"Love my new EZClean stainless broiler pan-made a great cook out of me!”


“My husband loves it.  Steaks were great.”

 "I can hardly believe it. The best results I've ever had, and I'm a darned
 good cook!
 I don't know how I've lived this long without this pan." 
"Used 11 times in one week - helps my diet!"

"Inventive pan eases cleanup." Houston Chronicle

"No steel wool needed." The Miami Herald

"Thanks for the WONDER-FULL WaterBroiler!
 As advertised--easy cleanup. LOVE IT!"

"Wonderful find! This beats all!
 Try it, you'll LOVE IT!  Great Seller!!!!!”

"Works just as described. My Husband loves it.
Easy to clean. Steaks were great"

"Love the pan! It is truly smokeless!!"

 "I received a WaterBroiler as a gift 26 years ago, and I am still using it today.
I just can't say enough out how great it cooks my food.  Everything tastes
delicious.  It is easier  to clean than any of my other pots and pans, and it
still looks as good as the day I got it. You won't regret buying one!" Nerak1

Pierre Franey, The New York Times, wrote,
"Recently I received an excellent piece of equipment for broiling that
works wonderfully, not only for broiling, but for a variety of things. It's
called a WaterBroiler pan and rack...it worked perfectly.  The fat did
not burn and the pan, which is round with sloping curved sides
and no crevices to catch food, was simple to clean."

Ann Heller, Dayton Daily News Food Editor, wrote,
"Dayton inventor's WaterBroiler and Forkula
make life easier for home cooks."