I have over 1000 written testimonials, and I have
never paid a penny or given any compensation for
any of them.  I didn't need to.  The buyers who I
have quoted with names have given me permission
to use their quotes without compensation.

It would be against my scruples to pay for a testimonial.
It is blatant bribery to pay for a celebrity endorsement.


You can test my pan in your own kitchen
every day for a year
without risking one cent.
 I'll even pay the postage both ways if you return it.

There is one condition.
It must be returned in USED Condition
because after you have used it, tasted the food
cooked on it, and after you have cleaned it,
I know, you won't give it up for anything.

 We have offered this generous ONE CONDITION, ONE YEAR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE FOR THESE TWO REVOLUTIONARY COOKING TOOLS SINCE October 1975 when we first offered them to cooks in our first ad in Gourmet Magazine.

Test our stainless steel broiler pan, the WaterBroiler Pan & Forkula Tongs in your kitchen to see how they can make cooking easy.

Use the WaterBroiler for all your broiling and roasting. See six hamburgers broil with virtually No Smoke! No Splatter! No Flare-ups! and No Scrubbing!

See that you can roast a chicken or a duck or an 11 pound turkey, or a prime rib roast for eight with No Trouble and No Attention. Taste the food, and we think you'll agree, it is the juciest, tastiest meat you have ever eaten.

Use it as a gratin pan, a paella pan, a baking pan, a 12" pie pan, and as a cooling rack with a built-in crumb catcher.

Use it for draining chocolate covered strawberries and for roasting red peppers.

After cooking on the WaterBroiler, see how easy it is to clean with hot soapy water and a sponge. No Scrubbing Ever!

Use the Forkula for turning the peppers and for turning all broiled foods such as hamburgers, chops, steaks, and fish. If you cook on an outdoor grill, (which you will do rarely if you buy the WaterBroiler) use it to turn grilled foods easily... without chasing with a spatula designed for turning pancakes and fried eggs.

We believe you will LOVE the WaterBroiler Pan and you will agree it makes broiling and roasting a total pleasure.

We believe you will agree the WaterBroiler Pan is the most versatile, most useful, and easiest to use and clean cooking utensil you have ever used.

We believe you will agree the Forkula Tongs are the best BBQ tool ever devised and that they work equally well for turning broiled foods cooked on the WaterBroiler and grilled foods cooked on your outdoor grill (provided your outdoor grill has a wire rack made of parallel rods).

We believe you will agree you can't live without the WaterBroiler Pan and the Forkula Tongs. If, for any reason, you don't agree, mail them back to us. You can keep the Free Recipe Cookbook-let. We will promptly refund your purchase price AND the shipping cost BOTH ways. See...we promised you did not have to risk a cent to try them.

There is only ONE CONDITION to this guarantee. Please use the WaterBroiler Pan at least once for broiling and at least once for roasting and turn use the Forkula for turning hamburgers at least once before deciding to return them. In other words, return them in USED condition!

Be sure and read the Testimonials. They will tell you what others cooks think about our pan and how they use it. These testimonials were given freely. We did not pay a cent or give any compensation whatsoever for them.

Order now by clicking "How to Order" on the left of this page. You'll have them to enjoy in 2 to 4 days.