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 Very Easy Delicious Recipes Anyone Can Follow
You'll like my recipe for making "The World's Best Hamburger." I'll show you why ground chuck is the ONLY meat that should be used. I'll show you why it is important to hand form the hamburgers and why "preformed" hamburgers should NOT be used.

I'll show you why it is a MYTH that "fat tastes good" and how to cook virtually all the fat OUT of hamburger leaving "voids" in the meat which make it tender and tasty.

I've included many simple, but delicious recipes, that anyone can follow. The WaterBroiler Pan is the perfect cookware for novice cooks AND gourmet cooks, too. It is fool-proof and the meats cooked on it will satisfy any gourmet.

If you can unwrap a piece of meat and place it on the WaterBroiler, that's about all there is to it. I've included many cooking secrets I've learned after more than 65 years of cooking. You'll learn how to cook the most delicious "corn-on-the-cob" ever in your microwave in 3 minutes WITHOUT shucking the corn and how to instantly peel the husk and corn silk off afterwards without burning your fingers.

You'll learn how to cut a cherry tomato so that it will not fall out of your sandwich!

Most of the recipes use the WaterBroiler-WaterRoaster Pan but several do not such as my...Soused Apple Cake which is a heavy cake full of pecans, raisins, apples, brandy, and spices. It is reminiscent of "Plum Pudding." It was the groom's cake at many winter weddings I catered.

I've also included my original Tortilla Soup recipe which is different and delicious. It uses a rarely used, but readily available, spice. It is very easy to takes only 15 minutes!

Adelaide Hauser from Virginia wrote, "I could not resist the urge to write and tell you how very much I am enjoying my WaterBroiler. The recipes I also received have been used many times and turned out to be fantastic. My two favorites are lamb chops and roast chicken."

My original bread pudding recipe is to die for. The secret of my bread pudding is the bread...and it is NOT stale bread! I bake the bread in the microwave oven. It takes 6 minutes to bake a loaf.

My original Tortilla Soup recipe which takes 15 minutes to make is to die for. It was inspired by a vacation in Mexico City in 1974. It uses a rarely used spice that is readily available that "makes the soup." I have never seen another Tortilla Soup recipe that uses this spice or a recipe for any other soup that uses this spice.

My original Ice Cream Recipe is to die for. It uses just 2 ingredients, and you can make it in 2 minutes (not including freezing time). No kidding.

Well, actually, one of the "ingredients" comes in a jar and more than one ingredient is listed. Mix the contents of the jar with one quart of half-and-half and freeze. That's it. No eggs. No cooking. I guarantee you can't resist third servings!

Now, do you see why many customers tell me my recipes and cooking tips are worth the price of the pan?