Drannan Cookware Co.
Founded in 1975 by
Scientist, Caterer, and Inventor
Lee Drannan Smithson

 136 S. Dutoit Street  Dayton OH 45402 
 Toll Free Phone 1-800-227-7066


"Absolutely the best broiler pan ever created."

"The best roasting pan you will ever buy."

"It is a joy to broil without smoking up
the kitchen or having to clean the oven."

"Never again will I use my old broiler pan."
Adelaide Hauser, Virginia

"1000 times better than the broiler pan
that came free with my oven."

Scientist Reveals
How You Can Broil
Under Your Oven Broiler And
Roast a Chicken in Your Oven with
  • No More Smoke in Your Kitchen
  • No More Noisy Exhaust Hood
  • No More Splatters in Your Oven
  • No More Broiler Pan Flare-ups or Fires
  • No More Impossible to Scrub-Off Black Char
No More Broiler-Roaster Pan Scrubbing...Ever.

The Secret?

The WaterBroiler®-WaterRoaster™ Pan.

This Amazing 18/8 Stainless Steel Pan is
Guaranteed to Be Smoke-Free,
Splatter-Free, Flame-Free, and Scrub-Free.

You Can Actually CLEAN this Incredible Pan
in about 37 Seconds...with NO Scrubbing...Ever!

"Inventive pan eases clean-up."  Houston Chronicle

"Works wonderfully"
Chef Pierre Franey, The New York Times

"No steel wool needed."  Miami Herald

"Ahhhh....To Broil Again"

"I LOVE this pan.
Retired chef who hates doing dishes."

"Wonderful find! This beats all!
Try it, you'll LOVE it!"

"Dayton inventor's
WaterBroiler and Forkula
make life easier for home cooks.

Ann Heller, Dayton Daily News

"Lee Drannan Smithson calls himself a scientist.
An inventor. Occasional caterer.
Add to that minimalist and iconoclast -- for in
his kitchen the former chemist smashes
the prevailing wisdom of home cooks."

The 18/8 Stainless Steel WaterBroiler-WaterRoaster Pan, Rack, and Forkula Tongs. No More Smoke, No More Splatter, No More Flare-ups, No More Hateful Scrubbing... No More Chasing Hamburgers or Fish with a Pancake Spatula.
The WaterBroiler®-WaterRoaster™ Pan
Registered in the U. S. Patent and Trademark Office

 This Innovative Pan Is Guaranteed to Amaze You
Because it
Transforms Broiling and Roasting
From A Hateful, Yucky Nightmare Into
A Lovable Cooking Dream Come True.

18/8 Stainless Steel Drannan WaterBroiler-WaterRoaster Pan is Surprisingly SMOKE-FREE and SPLATTER-FREE and FLARE-UP-FREE and SCRUB-FREE .... An Incredible Feat for a Broiler-Roaster Pan, Wouldn't You Agree?
"WOW. We're Speechless.
We LOVE the pan.  You are a genius."

"First meal that didn't smoke up the house."

"I've waited all my life for a pan like this."

"No broiler smoke in the kitchen again last night.
My wife, who was skeptical of my purchase, says,
'This pan is just GREAT!
One of our best kitchen purchases.'
Thought I’d add my name to those who appreciate
The Best Broiler Pan on the Planet.
Each time we use it we smile.”  

Bryan D***, Lake Oswego, Oregon

The Versatile WaterBroiler-WaterRoaster Pan Makes Broiling and Roasting a JOY. Now You Can Enjoy Delicious Broiled and Roasted Foods with Virtually No Effort.
RBTemp posted his review below at


"What a wonderful invention!
I never used my broiler because I hated the smoke,
flare-ups, and worst of all...cleaning the pan afterwards!
Now that I have a WaterBroiler,
I use my broiler all the time!

No smoke, no flare-ups, and clean-up is too easy!
  Your broiler is one of the best tools you have to cook,
 but most of us never use it! With this pan you will use
it a lot! I LOVE this pan! Awesome results with the
easiest clean-up ever! Lobster tails to die for, with zero
  mess! I have purchased 3 of these awesome pans and
I plan to buy more as they make wonderful gifts.
My hats off to Mr. Smithson and
The Drannan WaterBroiler!"

Scientist Lee Drannan Smithson and his 2136th Roasted Chicken Cooked on his WaterBroiler-WaterRoaster Pan. That's about one chicken a week for 45 years!
By Lee Drannan Smithson

Before I Can Begin to Convince You that my
WaterBroiler®-WaterRoaster™ Pan is
THE SOLUTION to All Your Hateful
Broiling and Roasting Problems,

  Here's Something You Need to Know.



By observing hamburgers broil on that
hateful broiler pan above, I made a
Shocking Cooking Discovery.

Virtually NONE of the smoke, splatter, and
flare-ups came directly from the hamburgers!!

I could barely believe my eyes!

Virtually ALL the Broiling Smoke, Splatter,
Flare-ups, Bake-ons, and Resulting Scrubbing
Came from
Drippings that Puddled and Burned
On That Perforated Sheet Metal Rack
with a few ineffective dripping holes.

 The Main Broiling Culprit Was
Obviously That Ill-Conceived Rack.

  Common Broiler-Roaster Pans are also
Thoughtless and ill-conceived because
they are made of good heat conducting
metals like aluminum, porcelain steel,
copper, and clad metals which
Quickly get HOT and Burn the Drippings.

The Shocking Revelation that
Common Broiler-Roaster

led to my invention of
The WaterBroiler®-WaterRoaster™ Pan,
The First PAN
Guaranteed to Solve
our Broiling and Roasting Problems.

 I trademarked my cooking invention
The WaterBroiler®-WaterRoaster™ Pan
after making the surprising discovery that
1 ½ Cups of Cold
Tap Water
poured into my prototype
18/8 Stainless Steel Drip Pan
Before Broiling and Roasting
Had Profound Cleaning and Taste Benefits.

Fear not, the water will not boil in
the time
it takes to broil or until
after 2 hours in a
350 degree oven.

Here's why:

Water has a high specific heat which means
it takes more heat to heat water than most
  other compounds or substances. That is
the scientific basis for the expression,
"A watched pot never boils."

The "poor heat conduction"of the 18/8 Stainless
Steel drip pan, and the heat reflecting mirror finish
of the pan also helps keep the
water below boiling.
When roasting an 11 pound turkey or half-a-ham
that takes two and
a half hours, add another cup of
cold water to the drip pan after one and a half 
to keep the water below the boiling point.

While Water is very beneficial and is
Secret #3, The
18/8 Stainless Steel,
Mirror-Polished Drip Pan AND
The 18/8 Stainless Steel Wire Rack are
  The Two Essential Design Secrets
which make my pan work wonders.

CAUTION;  Don't think that pouring water into
your old broiler pan will accomplish the same thing.
It won't.
Yes, water will make that hateful drip pan easier to clean,
but the water will NOT prevent the hateful smoke,
splatter, flare-ups, and scrubbing that come from
drippings that puddle and burn on that hateful,
ill-conceived perforated sheet meal rack that has
been common on broiler pans for over 100 years.

The WaterBroiler-WaterRoaster Pan Makes Broiling and Roasting Easy and Trouble-Free. Now you can cook delicious food like this with virtually no effort.
Here's How to Use and Clean the
WaterBroiler-WaterRoaster Pan.

Use the Pan UNDER your oven broiler
When Broiling and
IN your 350 degree
oven When Roasting.

(1) Pour 1½ cups of Cold Tap Water into
the pan before Broiling and Roasting.

(2)  Place the rack on TOP of the pan and the food
you want to Broil or Roast on TOP of the rack.

(3)  Broil under your oven broiler or Roast in your
350 degree oven, the ideal roasting temperature.

The Water prevents sticking of drippings that

DROP into the 18/8 Stainless Steel Drip Pan.

The Water evaporates just enough to add a
small beneficial amount of moisture to the
oven to keep the food very juicy and
succulent without steaming the food.

You can Easily CLEAN the
18/8 Stainless Steel Drip Pan And the
18/8 Stainless Steel Wire Rack in about
37  Seconds
with a soft dishbrush or
dishcloth and hot soapy water.
You Will Never Have to Scrub
This Pan nor This Rack.  Guaranteed.

The 12 inch round pan (not including handles)
Is Perfectly Sized to Fit IN your Divided Sink,
IN your Dishrack, and IN your Dishwasher, and
yet, it holds a surprising amount of food, six
1/3 Pound Hamburgers or an 11 Pound Turkey.

The mirror-polished pan and rack are so beautiful,
you can proudly hang both pieces on your pot rack.

Besides being,
"Absolutely the best broiler pan ever created." and
"The best roasting pan you will ever buy."

The WaterBroiler-WaterRoaster Pan is also

A Baking Pan, A Beautiful Serving Dish,

A Gratin Pan, A 12" Paella Pan,
A 12" Pie Pan,
A 12" Round Cooling Rack
with a built-in Crumb Catcher.

The 12" WaterBroiler-WaterRoaster Pan is
The Ideal Size for Singles, Couples, and
Small Households, and yet, it will Hold
  • Six, 1/3 Pound Hamburgers

  • 12 small lamb chops or six pork chops
  • six salmon steaks
  • a rib roast for 8 hardy eaters
  • half-a-ham for a crowd
  • a 6 pound beef tenderloin cut into 2 pieces
  • an 11 pound Turkey
  •  a pork crown roast with 14 chops
  • a five pound meatloaf free-formed on the rack
The 12 inch round pan, not including handles,
is perfectly sized to fit IN your divided sink,
IN your dishrack, & IN your dishwasher. 

When you are roasting, it leaves room in your oven
to roast the vegetables or bake the potatoes.

BOTH pieces are blessedly dishwasher safe
although Ethel Seaman from New York wrote,
"It is no more trouble to clean than a dinner plate."

"I LOVE the WaterBroiler Pan. It made a great cook out of me."

"Got it. Used it. Cleaned it. Loved it. Worth every penny."

"Fantastic product.  Cooked the best hamburgers ever."

"Cooked the best roast chicken we have ever eaten."

"I cooked four Cornish game hens for Christmas.
We've never tasted juicier poultry."

Chef Pierre Franey in The New York Times, wrote,
"Recently I received an excellent piece of equipment
for broiling that works wonderfully, not only for
broiling, but for a variety of things.
It's called a WaterBroiler pan and rack...
it worked perfectly.
  The fat did not burn and the pan,
which is round with sloping curved sides and
  no crevices to catch food, was simple to clean."

My WaterBroiler® Pan AND my Forkula® Tongs
inventions each
made The New York Times
on separate occasions, quite a feat for a
Broiler-Roaster Pan AND a pair of Tongs.

"It's the greatest cooking invention since the stove."

"If there were a
Nobel Prize for Cookware Design,

you'd get my vote."

"The broiling pan of the future is here,
its design informed by
Lee Drannan Smithson's conviction:
The broiling process is not inherently brutal,
 but is, in fact, a peaceful cooking technique made
violent and disgusting by "ill-conceived" pans.

In 1975, a new kind of broiler pan was quietly
launched by Lee Drannan Smithson, a chemist
now living in Dayton, Ohio. He trademarked
his invention, a deceptively simple device, as
  the WaterBroiler-WaterRoaster, and has
been selling it to consumers one by one,
via direct mail and website ever since.

Its simplicity only dramatizes its
success, which
comes from not doing
what other pans have done."

Barbara Flanagan, Flanagan's Smart Home
The 98 Essentials for Starting Out,
Starting Over, Scaling Back

"My husband LOVES the WaterBroiler Pan. Steaks were great."
"My husband LOVES the WaterBroiler Pan
so much, he now refuses to grill outdoors."
Houston, Texas Customer

"For the tired husband who is forced to do the pots
 and pans, it's the greatest invention since the wheel.
It's amazing what a great job it does, and
how very
easy it is to clean."  Robert L. Hays, Ohio

"My husband says we may never use a skillet again."
Another Delighted Houston Customer

"I can't believe it. The best results I've ever had,
 and I'm a darned good cook. I don't know
how I've lived this long without this pan.
Not a word of hype or exaggeration.
I've never seen anything to beat this."

Mrs. O'Brien, Boca Raton, Florida

"Great product.
  What a relief it is to junk my old broiler pan."

"Way better than that huge thing
that came free with my stove! Love it."

Here's How I Invented the
WaterBroiler-WaterRoaster Pan
To Be Smoke-Free, Splatter-Free,
Flare-up-Free, and Scrub-Free.

You will soon see that everything
about the design of my incredible pan
has a scientific reason for being.

Secret 1.

Of course, once I discovered the ill-conceived
perforated sheet metal rack is the Main Broiling
Culprit, it had to go.

18/8 Stainless Steel WIRE Grill Rack is ESSENTIAL
to allow ALL the drippings to instantly DROP through
rack into the drip pan.  The rack is made of 18/8
Stainless Steel round rods separated by 1/2 inch spaces.
I calculated that the rack is 13% metal and 87% air
spaces.  Absolutely no smoke, no splatter, no flare-ups,
and no bake-ons come from this wire rack since it is
impossible for drippings to puddle and burn on this wire
rack like they do on ill-conceived broiler pans with
perforated sheet metal racks with a few "drip" holes.

The Strong, 18/8 Stainless Steel Wire Rack
is electropolished to a smooth mirror finish to impart an
easy-cleaning "non-sticking quality" to the rack without
the hazard of Teflon or non-stick fluororesins which start
to decompose and emit toxic fumes at about 550 degrees F.

Never use a non-stick broiler pan under your oven
broiler because of toxic fumes. 
Never use a non-stick
roasting pan in a 500 degree oven or you risk getting sick with
'Polymer Fume Fever' and you risk killing pet birds in your kitchen.

Secret 2.

Of course, "good" heat conducting metal
had to go to prevent drippings from burning.

The 18/8 Stainless Steel Drip Pan is ESSENTIAL
because 18/8 Stainless is a
poor heat conductor,
the perfect metal for a broiler-roaster pan and wire rack
that works better when it does NOT quickly get hot.
As far as I know, a broiler-roaster pan is the only piece
of cookware that does not need to get hot to cook perfectly.
If you think of another one, let me know.

Of course, The Pan and Rack get hot, but not as hot as
as a pan made of "good" heat conducting metals
like aluminum, porcelain steel, copper, or "clad" metals.

The drip pan is the highest quality, most beautiful
broiler drip pan ever created.  It is
highly polished
a heat reflecting, easy cleaning mirror finish.
It is a beautiful pan you will be proud to hang on your pot rack
and even take to your table when you use the pan without
the rack as a paella pan or a gratin pan.

Of course, the hateful rectangular pan that won't
even fit
in a divided sink or dishwasher had to go.

The pan is round for several reasons.  No hard to clean
corners.  The round shape makes it easier to polish to
a mirror surface.  It is perfectly sized to fit IN divided
sinks, to fit IN a dish rack, to fit IN a dishwasher.  It also
leaves room in the oven to cook other things.   And, this
round sturdy pan will NOT warp like many cheap broiler
pans. And, surprisingly, this smaller round pan holds 79%
as much food as those hateful rectangular pans.

Secret 3.

Cold Tap Water is ESSENTIAL. I found that a
cup and a half of Cold Tap Water poured into my
18/8 Stainless Steel drip pan before broiling and
roasting captured the drippings, prevented sticking,
and made the drip pan clean like a breeze with a
soft dish brush and hot soapy water. It would clean
with a sponge, but I don't use sponges in my kitchen
because of bacterial concerns. 

The water also has a very beneficial taste benefit when
broiling and a profound taste benefit when roasting.

The water evaporates just enough to add a
beneficial amount of
moisture to the oven to
keep the food very juicy and succulent.
The Pan is a self-controlled, self-basting
pan, actually much better than hand
basting with the drippings.  Opening an oven door
several times to hand-baste is a hassle, and it lets
heat out of the oven several times so the temperature
fluctuates which is not conducive to proper roasting. 

Sapere posted this review on
Cooks Illustrated Bulletin Board:

"I bought Drannan's WaterBroiler, guessing that
the pan
would not be as ideal as it claims, but still
than the usual broiler pans. In other words,
I thought
it was too good to be true but since
he promised
a moneyback guarantee, it was
a low-risk experiment.
  It turned out that
the pan delivered everything it claimed.
I used
to avoid broiling due to the mess and smoke.

Now I broil almost every day. It may sound sappy
but this pan has really changed the way I cook.
And no, I am not a paid spokesperson for the
 product...just a converted skeptic."

The Forkula® is my Second
Surprising Cooking Invention.

After inventing The WaterBroiler Pan, I invented
the Forkula® Tongs which will allow you to instantly
turn broiled food cooked on your WaterBroiler Pan
while The Pan is still under your oven broiler.

The Forkula is also a great stand-alone BBQ Tool.
I'm turning a hamburger on a Weber Grill below.

Tens of thousands of Happy Grill Chefs are
 using my Forkula as a stand-alone BBQ Tool.

No More Chasing Hamburgers with a Spatula!™

I highly recommend the Forkula to go
 along with your WaterBroiler Pan since
you would risk chasing food off the rack
if you use a pancake spatula.

"It is a new experience to turn broiled food without
having to pull the pan out from under the broiler."

I consider the Forkula a necessity to instantly turn
hamburgers, thin sausage patties for breakfast
(a pound fits on the pan), fragile fish and even
broiled onion slices for your hamburgers.

The  Forkula is made of 100%
18/8  Stainless Steelto last a lifetime.

It's dishwasher safe.
It's 16" long to keep
your hand away from the heat.

"The Forkula is a way-cool invention.
Thanks for the WONDER-FULL WaterBroiler!
As advertised--easy cleanup. LOVE IT!"

Based upon over 1000 Testimonials
from delighted cooks and a few chefs,
The WaterBroiler-WateRoaster Pan
May Well Be The Most Highly Praised,
The Most Lovable, The Most Trouble-Free,
The Most Versatile Cooking Pan Ever Created.

  I have never paid a penny or given any compensation
for any endorsement. I didn't need to.  The buyers
I have quoted with names have  given me permission
 to use their quotes without compensation.

Finish reading my website and there is a very
good chance that you will be writing
soon to tell me you LOVE my pan, too.

Because my pan works so well that it sounds
too good to be true, I have sold it since
1975 with the most notable guarantee!

Including Shipping Both Ways.

You can test my pan in your own kitchen

every day for a year without risking one cent.

If for any reason you decide to return it,
there is only one condition.

It must be returned in USED Condition
because after you have used it,
tasted the food cooked on it, and
after you have cleaned it, I know
you won't give it up for anything.

Don't you wish everything you bought was
good enough to carry a guarantee like that?

Roasting at 500 degrees to
"seal in the juices" is 
ill-founded advice.

The truth:  Roasting at a High Temperature
cooks out the juices and burns the
drippings into carcinogens when you roast on
ill-conceived roasting pans made of "good" heat
conducting metals which quickly get HOT.

Broiling and Roasting on my WaterBroiler-
WaterRoaster Pan totally eliminates the
carcinogenic smoke and burned drippings.

I have cooked thousands of hamburgers on my
WaterBroiler Pan and I ALWAYS use ground chuck
which is 80% lean and 20% Fat.  I never use
"ground beef" or "hamburger" because it is too fat,
and it is not cost effective.  I never use ground
sirloin because it is too lean and makes a tough
hamburger because there is no fat to cook out.

When using my WaterBroiler-WaterRoaster Pan,
virtually all the fat cooks out and instantly drops
away from the meat into the water making cooking
on my pan the most fat-free way you can cook.

I've roasted over 2000 chickens on my pan at 350
degrees, and they turned out perfectly.  It takes me
3 minutes of my time and 1 1/2 hours of oven time
to roast a chicken.  I start out with the chicken, breast
side up.  After one hour, I turn the chicken breast side
down to be near the evaporating water keep the breast
moist and succulent.  I do NOT truss the chicken which
has never been good advice. After 30 more minutes,
a 3 1/2 pound chicken is perfectly roasted. 

Scores of  customers have written to tell me my pan
makes the juiciest roasted chicken they have ever tasted.

"The WaterBroiler is fantastic!  I am so glad I bought it."

"Excellent time saving, taste enhancingz
product at excellent price!"

"Perfect! Used for 1st time, clean up a breeze.
Should have bought sooner!"

"Unbelievable product, better than advertised."

"Wonderful fiind! This beats all! Try it, you'll LOVE IT."

Now Broiling and Roasting is not only
the most trouble-free way you can cook,
it is the most fat-free way you can cook.

"Used 11 times the first week--
Helps my diet."

Use my WaterBroiler-WaterRoaster Pan
instead of using those hateful broiler-roaster-
frying pans in your kitchen, and you will
automatically reduce your fat intake by an
estimated 1/2 ounce each time you use it.

You will also SAVE an estimated 4 minutes
of scrubbing every time you cook with it.

Use my pan 4 times a week for 45 years,
and you will use it 9,360 times.

will automatically reduce your fat intake
by 292 pounds.
That's 934,400 Fat Calories!
You will Save 624 Hours of Kitchen Drudgery.

And you can buy this life-time of cooking
pleasure and healthy eating for less
than one good meal in a fine restaurant.
Imagine that.


I'll include my Free 24 page Recipe Booklet of Fast,
and Delicious Recipes and Cooking Tips with
 Your WaterBroiler-WaterRoaster Pan order.

Free Recipe Booklet with every WaterBroiler-WaterRoaster Pan.
My recipes are simple to make and delicious to eat.
Your prep time in most cases is less than 5 minutes.
Cooking times are additional.
And, the clean-up takes about 37 Seconds.
Can you beat that?

Some Recipes I've included are for:

The Best Hamburgers in the World

Roast Chicken, Roast Turkey (11 pounds),
Roast Duck
, Cornish Game Hens

Ribs of Beef (Prime Rib)

Whole Beef Tenderloin (cut into two pieces)

Beef Steaks

Baked Ham (half a ham)

Lamb chops

Pork Loin and Boston Butt Roast

Broiled Salmon and other Fish

Free-Formed Meat Loaf  ON the rack

Stuffed Peppers

Garlic Shrimp (using just the pan without the rack)

Broiled Bananas, Baked Apples, and Broiled Pineapple

Broiled and Roasted Vegetables

Potatoes drANNAn.  My take on Pommes ANNA.
I've changed the recipe to be healthier by using
olive oil instead of butter, and I named them
after myself.  I couldn't resist after I noticed that
 the middle part of my middle name spells ANNA.
The potatoes are cooked IN my pan without the rack.

One customer wrote,
"I've used your potatoes drANNAn
recipe countless times."

My Recipe Booklet also has a handy table of
From the Unites States Department of Agriculture,
Food Safety and Inspection Service.

Potatoes drANNAn Baked in Pan in 350 degree oven.
The water and flavorful drippings may be
to make a delicious sauce or gravy.

Simply pour the water and drippings into a 4-cup
measuring cup. The fat floats for easy removal
with a ladle. Some cooks have written that they
use chicken broth or wine in the pan to get a
"headstart" on making sauce or gravy, however,
the drippings from a roasted chicken make
a delicious gravy.

When chilled, the water and drippings turn to
"chicken jello" which proves that a lot of flavor
from the chicken and chicken bones drops into
the water.
Since the water evaporates somewhat
when roasting, it is already reduced.

Many customers have told me my Recipes and Cooking Tips
 are worth the price of the pan.  I've even included a few
of my favorite original recipes that do not use my pan.

"The ease of cleaning is wonderful, and I enjoy
  not having grease
splattered all over the
  broiling area."  Paul Gorsuch, M.D., Texas

“I'm always skeptical of claims of wondrous things, but
this WaterBroiler is truly amazing.  I still can't get
  over the lack of smoke & noise.
And, I'm finding our
food is so much juicier!
I have never had any
kitchen thing change my life
like the WaterBroiler!
I have given them to sooooo
many people!
I think of you so often, as I pop it in the dishwasher
and barely remember the old

that would keep me from making broiled foods!
I'm in awe everytime I use my WaterBroiler Pan."

 Gail Douglas, New York

"And they say there is nothing new under the sun.  Products
 like yours make me wish I still had my cookware store."

"Life has been so enjoyable since buying
your product that I decided to write
you commending your WaterBroiler.
For the tired husband who's forced to do
the pots and pans, it's the
greatest invention
since the wheel. It’s amazing what a great job
it does, and how very easy it is to clean.
I can't help but feel that any household that
hasn't your WaterBroiler is missing a real bet.
I cheer you every time I do the pots and pans."
Robert L. Hays, Ohio

"My wife's favorite pan."

"Got it!  Used it!  Cleaned it!  Loved it!
  Worth every penny."

"WaterBroiler Pan is fantastic, a must have item."


There are over 100 types of Stainless Steel...
are cheap, some are expensive.
What's the difference?

Lets start with the scientific definition of
Stainless Steel:

Stainless Steel is ANY Iron based alloy
that contains at least
11% Chromium.

Stainless Steel that meets this minimum definition
is NOT good for cookware since it is reactive to acidic foods.

18/8 stainless steel is an Iron based alloy that contains
at least, 18% Chromium and 8% Nickel.

18/10 stainless steel is an Iron based alloy that contains
at least 18% Chromium and 10% Nickel.

Both 18/8 and 18/10 stainless steels are considered
the BEST Stainless Steels
for cookware. The small 2%
difference in nickel content makes no practical difference.

The high nickel content of 18/8 and 18/10 Stainless Steel
makes the metals impervious to acidic foods, more durable,
and allows the metals to be easily polished to a smooth,
mirror finish for easy cleaning. These two types of stainless
steels are also known as Type 304 OR surgical stainless steels.


 Here's a quick test you can perform to determine
 if  your cookware is made of
cheap stainless steel
OR expensive 18/8 or 18/10 Stainless Steel.

A magnet will STICK to cheap stainless steel.
A magnet will NOT STICK
to expensive
18/8 or 18/10 Stainless Steel.

Here's an easy way to remember the Magnet Test.

"If a magnet sticks, you got stuck with cheap
stainless steel."

My pan, my rack, and my tongs are made of expensive
18/8 Stainless Steel.  A magnet will not stick.

I trust I have convinced you that you can now
Broil Hamburgers or Roast a Chicken with

  • No More Smoke in Your Kitchen
  • No More Noisy Exhaust Hood Needed
  • No More Splatters in Your Oven
  • No More Broiler Pan Flare-ups or Fires
  • No More Impossible to Scrub-Off Black Char
  • No More Broiler-Roaster Pan Scrubbing...Ever.

You Owe it to Yourself to try my pan in your kitchen
since you can do so without risking one cent.


You can test my pan in your own kitchen
every day for a year
without risking one cent.
 I'll even pay the postage both ways if you return it.

There is one condition.
It must be returned in USED Condition
because after you have used it, tasted the food
cooked on it, and after you have cleaned it,
I know you won't give it up for anything.

"Why are you keeping this
wonderful product such a secret?"

Since my WaterBroiler-WaterRoaster Pan
requires a ton of explanation to overcome the
  rampant misconceptions about broiling and
roasting caused by hundreds of millions of
ill-conceived, hateful broiler-roaster pans
like those in every kitchen in America,
  I am the only source in the world for
my WaterBroiler-WaterRoaster Pan.

It truly is a cooking tragedy that over
150 million cooks in America will never
have the pleasure of broiling and roasting
on my pan. Even if I could produce a million
pans a year, it would take me 150 years
to satisfy all the needs in America.

After that, it would take me 5000 more
years to satisfy 5 Billion cooks in the world.

You are a very lucky cook to have found
my pan before the whole world finds out.

You now have the rare opportunity to become
just one of a few thousand cooks in America
who will LOVE Broiling and Roasting.

You will soon be raving about your new cooking
discovery to ALL your friends and family.

One lady from Houston wrote,
"I've waited all my life for a pan like this."

Order today, and you won't have to wait
more than 2, 3, or 4 days!

The WaterBroiler -WaterRoaster Pan - Forkula Tongs SET.
The Pan, The Rack, and the Tongs are made of
100% 18/8 Stainless Steel to last for generations.
All three pieces are dishwasher safe.

While the pan and tongs can be purchased separately,
I highly recommend the Forkula to go along with your
 WaterBroiler Pan because the Forkula makes turning
 of broiled food so quick and easy and

The WaterBroiler-WaterRoaster Pan & Forkula Tongs Make Cooking a TOTAL JOY. No More Smoke. No More Splatter. No More Flare-ups. No More Hateful Scrubbng Ever. No More Chasing Hamburgers or Fish with a Pancake Spatula.
The WaterBroiler-WaterRoaster Pan and Forkula Tongs SET Makes
Cooking a Total Pleasure. No More Chasing Hamburgers with a Spatula.

WaterBroiler-WaterRoaster Pan/Forkula Tongs
is $65 plus just $10.00 postage.

The WaterBroiler-WaterRoaster Pan by itself is
 $50 plus $10.00 Postage.

The Forkula Tongs are $15.00 plus
$5.00 postage if ordered without the pan.

Shipping by Priority Mail is just $10.00 anywhere in
the U.S.A., including Hawaii and Alaska.

Order more than one pan or more than one set
(the set for $65 makes the perfect wedding gift)
and shipping is just $10.00 for the entire
shipment if shipped to the same address
in the United States.

by International First Class Mail.

The Actual Postage from Dayton Ohio to Canada
  has dramatically risen from $22.10 in 2015
To $36.50 in 2016.

Since my website is set
up to charge all buyers $10.00 for postage of a
WaterBroiler Pan with free shipping of the Forkula
when ordered at the same time, Canadian buyers will
be invoiced the additional actual shipping charge of
of $26.50 after paying the automatic $10.00
shipping charge when you check out.

 E-Mail me for actual
shipping costs if you order more than two sets.

Shipping to other countries will be invoiced
the actual shipping charge.


The Total Shipping charge is just $10.00
for shipments to the U.S.A. no matter
how many WaterBroiler Pans you order.

Shipping of the first pan costs $10.00.
Shipping of additional pans shipped at the same
  time to the same address in the U.S.A. is FREE.

Shipping of the Forkula Tongs, shipped at the
same time with the WaterBroiler Pan is Free.


Just tell me what to write and
how to sign 'your note.'

The WaterBroiler Pan/Forkula Tongs Set
makes the perfect Wedding Gift
And the perfect Christmas Gift.

"I have endeared myself to many people by sending the

WaterBroiler Pan as a gift.  I find it appreciated more than
any pretty but not useful gift."  Ethel Seaman,  New York

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Dayton OH 45402

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Ohio residents ONLY will be charged 7% sales tax.
Send e-mail to drannan@prodigy.net

For many years, my pans, racks, and tongs were
proudly made in Ohio and Indiana. Unfortunately, the
cost of making them here dramatically increased
to more than my selling price a few years ago.

  To keep selling them at an affordable price,
they are now made exclusively for me in India.
They are still made of high quality 18/8 Stainless
Steel exactly like they were made in the U.S.A.

© 1975-2016 Copyrighted by Lee Drannan Smithson
All rights reserved.

"I've waited all my life for a pan like this."
Houston Texas Customer

Now that you know what this pan will do for you,
order today, and you will only have to wait 2, 3, or 4  days
until you will be enjoying this totally trouble-free way to cook.

Just in case I haven't convinced you yet to order,
would you do me a favor and email me or
phone me Toll Free at 1-800-227-7066 to
tell me why you didn't take me up on my
One Year MoneyBack Guarantee
to test the pan in your own kitchen
without risking one cent.

I would very much appreciate the feedback.

If you have any questions, please feel free to
phone me Toll Free at 1-800-227-7066.

I can also take orders by phone with
Visa, MasterCard, or Discover.

By Lee Drannan Smithson